Letters, emails, texts, tweets and meetings online and face-to-face: We will ask for permission to share publicly those letters, emails, texts, and tweets that we receive from scholars and students from around the world.  If our outbound email seems to be informative, even a bit thought-provoking, we may post a few of those emails. Most will have been sent to scholars. Sometimes we’ll just use their first names.  If we receive a response, we will ask permission to include it here.  These are all helpful words, possibly even a course correction.  Here are our five categories of letters-emails-tweets:

  1. The General Public (including editors and science writers not included below)
  2. Students and Teachers:
  3. Leading advocates of the big bang theory:
  4. People who question the big bang theory and the advocates of a quiet expansion
  5. Writers and editors of publications where they ask questions and are open to answers

We write to others to get feedback. Initial reactions among the open and honest is to be flummoxed, “It’s too simple.” For two years we were flummoxed, “It’s got to be out there somewhere.” When we couldn’t find it within the annals of academic work, we then set out to get feedback.

It is not easy being green. Our base-2 model is very simple math and it is built on a very simple logic. If there are errors of basic logic, it would seem only decent that scholars would point them out. People are rather reluctant to comment.  It just might be right and they would not want to be wrong!  If there are no obvious errors,  we invite you to throw your weight behind this model to actively explore its very different view of reality and the very nature of life.

Most recent letters first:  Although we will go back in time to our earliest letters, we will also list them all in a reference box like those in a Wikipedia article, so navigation becomes a little easier.  Thank you.