The inner core of this project is the simple doublings of the Planck base units which began with the Planck Length and then Planck Time, and finally the other three – Mass, Charge and Temperature. And now, a horizontally-scrolled chart facilitates following the numbers from side-to-side, 1 to 204.

All the charts are in process.  Here are direct links to many of the charts, the most recent first:

2016 (Started in April):  Horizontally-scrolled, Notations 1-204  Homepage
Small Scale Universe Notations 1-72
Human-Scale Universe, Notations 67-134
Large-Scale Universe, Notations 133-204

2016 (Started in March): Analysis of big bang – Quiet Universe Timeline (in progress)
2015 (February): Planck Base Units, 1 to 201+
2014 (December): Planck Length and Planck Time
2013 (December): Universe Table – The Human Scale
2012 (June): An Update of the First Chart begins at the Planck Length
2012 (March): Planck Length – The first progression of just the numbers
2011 (December): Our Very First Chart of the Universe