Grand Unification

Most recent edits:  Friday, August 12, 2016

The greatest unification is the Planck Epoch which is renamed the Planck Moment.  It is  the  space-time singularity and dynamic transformational nexus between the finite and infinite where there is a complete unification of all the forces of nature, i.e. the Planck base units (aka Planck scale). Yet, we postulate that this unification is extended through dynamic working ratios throughout all 200+ notations from the first moment of creation to the current time and present day.

We further postulate that the Planck scale is the unification of the four forces of nature with the unification of the five Planck base units with all the constants that define each unit, and that this unification, all defined as working ratios, is uniquely differentiated within each doubling throughout the entire 200+ base-2 exponential notations with the first moment of creation to this moment to the current time and present day. It appears that all 200+ notations are dynamic, actively-and-eternally participating in the current definition-and-being of our universe. This postulation provides a working environment by which we hope to build a diversity of bridges from the Planck scale to all existing physical theories whereby each notation creates a very unique environment for predictive values.

Recap. We assume the four forces of nature are encapsulated within all five Planck base units and the constants that define them, and that this unification is carried through all 201+ notations. That is, the Planck base units are defined by length, time, mass, temperature and charge; and  these are further defined by the speed of light (or special relativity), the gravitational constant (or general relativity), the reduced Planck constant (or ħ or quantum mechanics), the Coulomb constant (or ε0 or electric charge or electromagnetism), and the Boltzmann constant (or kB or of temperature) and all are inherently within the grand unification processes.

Grand Unification renamed Grand Unification Processes: Based on the fact that entities and things require a necessary amount of space that only becomes available from the 67th notation and above, it is guessed that the first 60 to 66 notations are foundational to all notations. Using the analogy of the birthing process, all the forms-and-functions, then processes-and-procedures, and then relations-and-systems prior to the actual birthing event, are the first 60 or so notations. Here that finite-infinite relation creates the foundational order, the most basic relations, and many dynamical systems.

Using this analogue of the birthing event will be further explored. Metaphors are a most fundamental educational tool grounded within homogeneity and isotropy.

We postulate that the Grand Unification processes continue beyond the 67th notation as specific unification processes. A kind of de facto unification continues within all the ratios, even though there are now truly entitive manifestations which are most often best described by the big bang theorists.