Speculations About This Work

Summer 2016:  Five postings are in process.  All postings are under scrutiny.  These documents are open and still being developed. Please use your back arrow to return here or notice that a new window has opened and this page is also opened.

  1. The basic chart: https://81018.com/
  2. Quiet expansion or big bang? Ask the scholars! https://bbludata.wordpress.com/quiet/
  3. A possible alternative to the big banghttps://bbludata.wordpress.com/timeline
  1. Planck Epoch Revisited
  2. Grand Unification: https://bblu.org/speculations/unification/
  3. Inflation Processes (not an epoch): https://bblu.org/spec/inflation/
    More about expansion:  https://bbludata.wordpress.com/2016/07/26/expansion/
  4. Electroweak: https://bblu.org/speculations/electroweak/

Ten Reasons To Reconsider How You View the Universe

December 2015:  By the end of year, 2015, the first draft of  Top Ten Reasons to give up those little worldviews for a much bigger and more inclusive UniverseView went up on the site. And as a reflection of that work, another posting is exploring the question, “What are the most important numbers that define our universe?”  It is still not a first draft; notwithstanding, you are invited to help.  Please send your comments and suggestions.

There are many wild-and-crazy ideas and concepts that have been stimulated by the Big Board-little universe, the Universe Chart and the Planck Base Units chart.  A list of speculations with links to further information will evolve here.  Perhaps from a simple beginning there will become a very large sampling of postulations that weave between science fiction – science facts!

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