Antoninio Zichichi

Monday, August 1, 2016

ReferencesOld and New Forces in Nature

TO:     Professor Antonino Zichichi
FM:     A few New Orleans High School teachers and geometry students

RE:     Our chart of numbers generated from the Planck base units
using base-2 notation to the Age of the Universe

Dear Professor Zichichi:

We are reading some of your online papers and books about the electroweak processes and phase transitions to begin to understand, first how the electroweak processes functioned within our earliest universe and then in what ways these processes continue to imprint — have an active role — within our universe.

We created a very simple chart of the base-2 progressions of the five Planck base units out to the Age of the Universe. That’s over 1000 numbers to study! We know it is quite idiosyncratic to start with these infinitesimals but we first got to them in our geometry class by going inside the tetrahedron, then the tetrahedrons-octahedron within it. We went further inside, just over 112 more steps, dividing by 2, to get to the Plancks. We also went out the 89 doublings to the Age of the Universe by multiplying by 2. Though we learned about Kees Boeke’s base-10 work, we like our more granular ordering system. Even if we just use our charts as educational tools (STEM), each serves a great heuristic purpose. But we think it is more than a mathematical ordering model, so we are now trying to see how well and in what ways this little model describes various aspects of reality.

The first thing it seems to suggest is that our sense of time is not quite right. In this model time becomes notationally based and appears to be discrete, quantized, derivative, and fully symmetric (More about that symmetry.)

Might you be able to take a quick look at the numbers to see if you can quickly spot some natural logical flaws or just as importantly, logical  flows? In that it it all multiplication by 2, it all flows logically, but so what? We will readily miss the flaws and flows because of our naivete and lack of knowledge.  It would take us several lifetimes to learn as much as you know. The chart scrolls horizontally so you can easily follow the quiet gradations of each Planck base unit.

Thank you.

Most sincerely,
Bruce Camber
New Orleans

PS. I see that you knew an old acquaintance of mine, Viki Weisskopf. I was particularly interested in his work within the Pontifical Academy of Sciences and we spent some time in his library at his home talking about the faith-science interface. In 1977 on a trip to Geneva, he cleared the way for me to meet with John Bell at CERN. -B