Stephen Weinberg

While working on a project at MIT, I met Stephen Weinberg for the first time in his office at Jefferson Labs at Harvard University. That was back in 1979, just before it was announced that he, Abdus Salam, and Sheldon Glashow would share the Nobel Prize for their work on electroweak unification based on spontaneous symmetry breaking.  Weinberg’s work includes defining the  Z boson and “the amount of parity violation when mixing with electromagnetic interactions.” For more, see the Standard ModelAnd, even more…


Thu, Jan 1, 2015 at 3:42 PM
Subject: Planck’s Time & Length,
The First Three Minutes, and your
preface in Time in Powers of Ten

Dear Prof. Dr. Weinberg:

Unwittingly we have begun working with Planck Time.
We started with the Planck Length in 2011.

Our high school geometry classes over here in New Orleans
backed into a model of the universe using base-2 exponential
notation.  We multiplied the Planck Length and Planck Time
by 2 until we got out to the Observable Universe  and the<
Age of the Universe respectively.

Here is a link within our work on a science fair project:

It took just 202+ notations  or doublings and it all started

because we went inside a tetrahedron, halving the edges,
connecting those vertices to discover the four half-sized
tetrahedrons in each corner and an octahedron in the middle.
We did the same with the octahedron (finding the six half-
sized octahedrons in the corners in eight tetrahedrons in
each of the faces) and we didn’t stop until we were some-

where around the Planck Length.

The fascinating thing we discovered along the way is what
we are calling “the really-real small-scale universe.” It has
a geometry and a systemic order (numbers and symmetries).
Nobody seems to know much about it although analyzed
throughout human history and called the aether (ether),
vinculum, plenum, matrix, grid, continuum, firmament and

If we divide this little mathematical-geometric
universe into “thirds” as the small-human-large scale,
the small-scale universe finally has some definition but
now it only takes us up to size of the fermions and protons.

What do you think? Just poppycock?   Nonsense?

If it is nonsense, please, please tell us why and we can go back to
normal and get on with our life.  If not…

Thank you.

Most sincerely,

Bruce Camber
New Orleans

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