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Friday, September 16, 2016

Hi Hannah,
There is a simple model of the universe, and to grasp it requires nothing more than second-and-third grade math and a suspension of any current model (such as the big bang).  This simple model is based on simple logic and simple math.
Please bear with me as I attempt to describe it quickly and easily.
1. The smallest-scale measurements of the universe are called the Planck units. The largest measurements we know are the Observable Universe (space or length) and the Age of the Universe (time).  If you double the Planck Length and Planck Time just 67 times, you are up to the smallest particles like the fermion and proton and the universe is a trillionth of a second old.  In another 67 steps you are just over (218.70 miles) and still less than a second old!  In the next 67 steps, up to just over 200 notations, you are up to the Observable Universe and Age of the Universe (13.81 billion years). You just multiplied those infinitesimally small Planck units by 2 over and over again and you end up with a model of the universe that is highly-ordered and in a  well-defined box.
Hard to believe.  Take a look at the actual numbers.  The biggest discussion is about what it means.
2.  We started this work in a New Orleans high school back in December 2011. We’ve been writing about it:
Now, if you are having trouble with the numbers, please take a look at the checkerboard-wheat story . Multiplying by 2 is called exponential notation.  It is what cells do.  It is what nature does.  We call the earth, Gaia, the ancestral mother, and though science has attempted to marginalize the earth and its people, this model is sensitivity training taken to the highest degree.  It suggests that everything that has ever been done in the universe is registered, noted, and imprinted.  Though we might call it history, in this model it is all living history.  Nothing is past; it is all right now. 
Interesting? Thanks.

Most sincerely, 

* * * * *
Bruce Camber
New Orleans
PS.  Here are two of my current emails, one to editors and the other to scholars.



July 8, 2016

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