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Note: This following email went to a physics professor in Brazil because  he was a signatory of a very special letter that called the big bang theory into question. In 2004 a group of 33 scientists took out a paid advertisement in New Scientist titled,  Open Letter to the Scientific Community. They pointed to the flaws of the big bang theory and over time picked up the moniker, The Busted Group.  Five people — Jose B. Almeida, Yurij Baryshev, Michael Ibison, Eric Lerner and Eugene Savov — kept the letter alive so that others could also sign it.

In 1991 Eric Lerner wrote the book, The Big Bang Never Happened; obviously he was among the early doubters of the big bang theory.

These are all people who are open to new ideas. I’ll contact every person who signed that letter because they’re not captives of the big bang theory.  My letter to each of them will be similar to the one that follows.


Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Dear Andre,

The total dominance of the big bang is deafening; it is refreshing to find people who are open to explore a more complete theory.

Now, I have you listed and linked as part of the “Busted” group.  Is that OK?

We need a little help.  In a rather unusual way, we uncovered a simple path to the first moment of creation even before we ever studied the big bang.  Our path starts with simple geometries, simple logic and the Planck scale; it goes up to particle physics in just 67 base-2 notations.  It then continues to the Observable Universe and the Age of the Universe in an additional 134 notations.

That scale is here:

Our brief history is here:

You’ll probably find it a bit hard to believe, but our horizontally-scrolled chart of the 201+ base-2 notations came out of a high school geometry class.  If continuity and symmetry are cornerstones of logic and science, it stands to reason that there is something between the Planck base units and quarks, fermions and photons.

The analogy to inflation is cellular division.
We are even trying to talk with MIT’s Alan Guth about it:

I thought you might find this of some interest. Again,
is it OK to list-link you here:

Most sincerely,



July 27, 2015

Thank you for sharing time on Skype with me today.  It was a pleasure to meet you! Very, very special for me.  It was nice to learn that you knew an old friend of mine,  Patricio Letelier, and an old professor friend, Olivier Costa de Beauregard.

Now, if we make substantial progress, I’ll send you an update.
Your comments will always be appreciated. It was good to learn
that you met Eric Lerner at a 2008 Seattle conference and that is
when you signed the letter regarding the limitations of big bang theory.

Even today, I think it would be an excellent challenge for undergraduates,
“Here are the Planck base units. Here is the domain of particle
physics. What is in between? Why?”

Our entire base-2 scale is worth an introduction just as
an excellent STEM tool so the students set everything they learn
within an ordered framework.

I wish you the best in Campinas. If you ever come to New Orleans,
please let me know. We’ll have a drink; if you have time, a dinner!

Best wishes,


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