Notations 83 down to 66 (out of 1-to-202)

Please note: Chart the five Planck base units, Planck Length & Time and Planck Length
The first number, the Notation (out of total of 202), is also the number of times the Planck Length has been doubled.
83:  .156309264 nanometers
or 1.56309264×10-10meters
82:  7.81546348×10-11m
81:  3.90773174×10-11m
80:  1.95386587×10-11m
79:  9.76932936×10-12m
78:  4.88466468×10-12m
77: 2.44233234×10-12 m
76: 1.22116×10-12m
75:  6.10583084×10-13m
74:  3.05291542×10-13m
73:  1.52645771×10-13m
72:  7.63228856×10-14m
71:  3.81614428×10-14m
70:  1.9080×10-14 meters
69:  9.54036072×10-15m
68:  4.77018036×10-15m
67:  2.38509018×10-15m
66:  1.19254509×10-15 m

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This image below is from a PPT chart, a presentation of physicist, Prof. Dr. Emily L. Nurse.  She first gave it as a Masterclass in Manchester University back in 2005Dr. Prof. Nurse is affiliated with University College London, Fermilab in Chicago, and CERN Laboratories, Atlas Project, in Geneva.Atoms


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