Steve Waterman & Michael Anthony Whitehead

Our effort to discern the Top Numbers of Key Importance  within our little universe for The Big Board-little universe Project  began with this work by Steve Waterman and Prof. Michael Anthony (Tony) Whitehead (Chemistry, McGill University, Montreal).

Steve and Tony got together to publish an article, Self-Consistent Field Approach To The Physical Constants: All Physical Constants Are A Function Of Pi (Π) Though poorly received by the academic community, the article will be studied to attempt to understand their rather unique sense of numbers.

The generalized claim is that all the physical constants are derived from four math constants.  They did the work to explain this statement with 142 such constants.  Over time, every calculation and conclusion will be reviewed. Currently, our study look at their four math constants:

  1. Pi (Links go to Wikipedia when within the body of the subject)
  2. The isoperimetric quotient of a sphere
  3. Sphere packing  (CCP and NCCP)
  4. Number density

On its face, these four math constants do not seem to have enough substance to define all the better known physical constants. Yet, the Waterman-Whitehead team may have the kernel of an idea that truly opens the way to define the first 67 notations in ways that inform isotropy, homogeneity, the nature of infinity, the nature of the finite,  and the function of math constants to create the bridges to infinity and the physical constant to build bridges to physicality or space and time

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