Ben Duronio & Walter Hickey’s Top Ten

As part of our effort to discern the Top Five Numbers of Key Importance within our little universe for The Big Board-little universe Project, we have begun to study the work of these two writers for Business Insider

Ben and Walter give us their very respectable listing of their Top 10:

  1. Pi: 3.1415  Archimedes’ Constant
  2. Euler’s Number: 2.7182 also known as e
  3. The Golden Ratio: 1.6180
  4. Planck’s Constant: 6.626068×10-34 m2 kg/s
  5. Avogadro’s Constant: 6.0221515 x 1023
  6. Speed of Light: 186,282 miles per second or 299,792,458 meters per second
  7. Gravitational Constant (G): 6.67300 x 10-11 m3 kg-1 s-2
  8. Boltzmann’s Constant: 1.380650 x 1023 joule per kelvin
  9. Imaginary Unit: i
  10. Euler’s Identity: e^(i*pi) = -1

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