Can you discern at least one unique formula within the 201+ notations? There are many to develop.

The challenge:  Come up with a formula based on the array of numbers within  the Big Board – little universe Project.  But, please be aware that all of the charts are now being fine tuned based on our recent work to develop a very large horizontal board with all five Planck base units in the progression from Planck Time to the Age of the Universe in just over 200 notations.

The horizontal board was initiated on April 10 and posted for insiders on April 25th. Those of you among my LinkedIn family are considered “insiders” (and you are most welcomed to join us).

We have been developing what we are increasingly thinking could become an alternative to the Big Bang theory. That’s a ridiculous statement to make, but now with well-over four years of looking at these numbers, it seems that our little model could have a place in the universe of academia. It may go through several versions, even transformations, but that struggle will be well worth the time and effort. There is real information within this “little” nascent model.

My special challenge to graduate students and post-docs. Take the five basic Planck units at one of the notations between 1 and 201 — and work out new formulas integrating any and all formulas used within the big bang theory. There is a place for every formula within at least one notation along this scale of the universe.

If nothing else, this project should get us thinking about number theory, the finite-infinite relation, the discrete-and-finite nature of space and time,  and the correspondence between the five Planck base units, space-time-mass-energy-temperature.

The very first  formula that I developed on May 1.  It is simple and it will be further developed. The next formula that we receive that is mathematically coherent will be given the designation: Formula #2.  Each subsequent formula will be numbered accordingly.  Each will become that student-or-professor’s formula and we will track the continued development and implications of each formula well-beyond this early-stage development and hopefully well-into an academic-development phase of The Big Board-little universe Project.

Thank you.   – Bruce 

PS.  Send your formula to me at camber (at)

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