Robyn Blumner

August 17, 2016

TO: Robyn Blumner, CEO, Richard Dawkins Foundation
FM: Bruce Camber

Hi Robyn:

Did you catch the anxiety at CERN over the diphoton results?

Everybody is concerned that there may be no more particles to hunt down… Some have courageously called for a re-examination of our working assumptions and first principles. I have suggested to many that we go back to the Leibniz-Clarke (Newton) debate of 1715 and 1716 and ask, “Is it possible that space-time is derivative of symmetries-and-continuities”  (the bedrock of science and commonsense)?  If so, the foundations of  all sciences will be closely re-examined as well as the processes involved with renormalization and regularization.

It is all quite a dramatic headwind and it’s timing is excellent.  It’s obvious that nobody has answers that are rich, robust, and rigorous enough to be compelling to those who hold fanatical beliefs of any kind (and that variegation is stunning!).

Keep asking questions!

Best wishes,