Email to Key People

August 9, 2016   Most recent update: August 17, 2016

Open this Email. This section may also include physical letters, tweets, and other communications. Each Email to Key People  will have been triggered by an activity with global significance. This email was triggered by recent work at CERN Labs in Geneva; they were in a meltdown over the fact they had found no new particles and earlier results that had given them hope had to be negated.

Although there have been many such emails since 2012, as of August 2016, we will begin recording these events and some of the key players to whom these communications have been sent.

Perhaps one or two of these communications will beget an exchange and, only with their permission,  each will be extended from the original email to them.

August 2016
RE:  A chart to focus on numbers from the Planck scale to the CERN-scale