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§ James Gleick is a writer and author of Time Travel, Genius, and Chaos among many, many other books and articles.

Friday, 23 September 2016

Posted on the James Gleick website:

Didn’t Newton set the tone with his absolutes within his epic, “Philosophiæ Naturalis Principia Mathematica,” considered by many to the greatest scientific achievement within history. Space and time became absolutes, the two primary infinities that defined us. What if Leibniz was on the right path and both are finite, discrete, quantized and derivative? What if symmetry and continuity were to take the place of space and time as our best insight into the nature of infinity? What if a truly relational model of the universe were to evolve from simple base-2 exponentiation from the Planck Scale to the Age of the Universe? Here are the baby steps in that direction.  It is a most simple model of a discrete universe:  And, the  explanation comes from a high school in New Orleans:

PS.  Oh, by the way the logic looks like an unfolding structure whereby we constantly build and use every notation such that there is only Right Now, Today, the Moment that defines who we are and why and we literally pull from every notation — there are just over 200 since the beginning of time — to define who we are:

Footnote:  What does it mean?  It seems that maybe this is the best conclusion: “Your every thought and action effects the health of the planet and the universe.”


17 June 2016

I signed into Gleick’s comment area once again and said:

“It is a simple mathematical and logical model without an audience except ourselves!
It comes out of a high school geometry class.
We are having fun with it and thought you might enjoy seeing it.

It may have some rather serious implications for science if its more than just logical,
but has some applications to reality!

You’re a genius.  What do you think?
We would be thrilled to hear.

Thank you.

Warmest regards,

Bruce and several other teachers and several hundred students!
New Orleans