Sean Carroll

Sean Carroll is a research physicist at California Institute of Technology, the author of many books and articles, and a frequent speaker or expert witness.

Hi Sean,

What a marvelous thing you do with your life!

First, congratulations on being married to Jennifer.
She is such a mensch. I quoted her several years ago
within an article about the size of the universe based
on Hubble measurements (See Footnote 3).

We are just silly high school teachers. Neophytes.
We backed into a strange universe view based on
work in our geometry classes using the tetrahedron
and octahedron.  We divided the edges in half, connected
the vertices to find all the nested tetras and octas
and kept going within 40 times, right by the old fermion

and another 67 times down into the Planck scales.

That was a trip.  When we decided to multiply by 2, we
were out to the edge of the universe in about 90 doublings.
Couldn’t believe it.  It was Boeke on steroids.  He just had
zeros. We had the Planck base units, the Age of the Universe,

all that incredible geometry, and 3.333 times more information.

So what?

Well, we thought it was a good STEM tool, then those

67 notations between the fermion and the Planck scale just

started to tickle us.  What is there?  Nothing?

I don’t think so.  Here’s out latest chart (horizontal scrolling):
We have lots of charts:
And now, after five plus years we are getting bold
and probably very stupid:
Have we dropped off the cliff? Can you help us get back
on terra firma? What’s wrong with our idiosyncratic logic?

Just idiotic?


Most sincerely,

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