Prof. Dr. Brent Slife

Editor-in-ChiefJournal of Theoretical and Philosophical Psychology, an APA journal.
Professor: Richard L. Evans Chair of Religious Understanding

Dear Prof. Dr. Brent Slife,

In 1979, under the little MIT dome just off 77 Massachusetts Avenue, I re-asked Shrödinger’s question, “What is life?” It was a display project of the works of 77 living-leading-global scholars. It was about the first principles in each of our primary academic disciplines and how these principles overlapped.  37 years later, we’re finally back at it again.

This time we have learned a little about Max Planck and his 1899 formulation of a Planck scale. Ignored for over 100 years, it took the work of Frank Wilczek (MIT, Nobel laureate 2004) “Scaling Mt. Planck” in Physics Today to truly open that discussion about infinitesimals. Unwittingly, those Planck units give us the starting points for the universe. Today, this hour, right now, gives us the end points.

It takes time to break the hold of old concepts.

Not until 2014 did I begin to believe there was some possibility that simple base-2 exponential notation and bifurcation theory might open heretofore closed doors about the finiteness of space and time (Newton-Clarke to Leibniz correspondence) and the place for continuity and symmetry to take their place as a somewhat scientific engagement of the qualitas infinité.

The simple numbers and simple logic have begun to speak.  If for any reason that URL fails, please try:  (our working files)

I extend my best wishes for your continued good work! Until today, I did not know of the discipline called ontological hermeneutics! There is so much to learn and I am so slow!  It is great to discover your work.  I’ll work hard to catch up! Thank you for all that you do.

Most sincerely,


Bruce Camber
New Orleans, USA
Skype:  Bruce.Camber

PS. Those earlier roots going back to MIT are described here: