Kakutani, Michiko

Friday, 23 September 2016

Tweet to Michiko Kakutani: Pulitzer-prize winning, chief book critic for The New York Times.

Background: Stewart Brand retweeted Kakutani’s Tweet referencing  a very important book by James GleickTime Travel.  It is according Colin Dickey, who wrote his review for the New Republic,  “…a fascinating history of time travel  from Poe, HG Wells & Heinlein, to Einstein, and ‘The Terminator.’   He continues tell us that the book is, “…a survey of the various ways we’ve schemed and dreamed to overtake the ticking clock, readjusting the past and altering the future to imagine better worlds and better times.” That review is titled, The Foolish Errand of Time Travel and it can be found @NewRepublic.

I said in my tweet:

@michikokakutani Let’s get it together: Base-2 integrated view of the universe: http://bblu.org  http://81018.com  @Bibo_lu